Lines & Services Flyers

You will find hereunder illustrated and comprehensive commercial descriptions of our Lines & Services and service offer by country or by trade, downloadable in PDF format. For complementary descriptions of our inland and intermodal solutions, please click here.

Service name Service Description
ACSA 1 Asia-Central & South America
ACSA 2 Asia-Central & South America
ACSA 3 Asia-Central & South America
AMERIGO USA-Mediterranean
AZTECA US West Coast to West Coast of South America
BEX - Bosphorus Express Asia - Black Sea & Turkey
BOHAI Asia - North America West Coast
BRAZEX US - Caribbean - ECSA
CAGEMA North America East Coast - South America East Coast
CAGEMA 3 Central America/Caribbean
CALIFORNIA BRIDGE North Europe - US West Coast
CARIFEED Weekly service dedicated to Haiti
CIMEX 1 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2CS Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2E Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2N Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 5 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 6 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 7 Asia - Middle East
COLOMBUS PNW Asia-North America
COTE D'IVOIRE Connecting the world from and to Cote d'Ivoire
Connecting the world from and to Oceania NEMO and PAD services
DAS (Dahlia Service) Asia-North America
EPIC 1 North Europe - ISC
EPIC 1 NORTH EUROPE TO RED SEA North Europe to King Abdullah and Djibouti
EPIC 2 North Europe - ISC
EPIC 2 NORTH EUROPE TO GULF AND RED SEA North Europe to Gulf and Red Sea
EUROSAL XL North Europe - South America
FAL 1 Asia - North Europe
FAL 2 Asia - North Europe
FAL 3 Asia - North Europe
FAL 3 - Focus Middle East North Europe - Middle East
FAL 5 Asia - North Europe
FAL 6 Asia - North Europe
FAL 7 Asia - North Europe
FAL 8 Asia-North Europe
FEMEX 1 North Europe to Piraeus, Marmara & Izmir areas
France Atlantic Feeder ATLANTIC FEEDER
GABON Connecting the world from and to Gabon
GEX Far East - North America
GMX (Gulf of Mexico Express) Asia-Gulf of Mexico
GUYANAS Service dedicated to Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana
Group Asia Feeder - Bay of Bengal Bay of Bengal
HBB Asia - North America West Coast
HIX Asia - North America West Coast
INCA SHUTTLE Weekly fixed-day service dedicated to West Coast South America
INDAMEX ISC-Middle East-Med-US East Coast
INDIAMED India - Mediterranean
INDIGO Mexico & Jamaica - Cuba
INTRA AMERICA SERVICES Intra America & Caribbean
JAX Asia - North America West Coast
JDX Far East - North America
KENYA Connecting the world to Kenya
KINGSTON SOLUTIONS All our feedering solutions in the Caribbean
LEVANT EXPRESS North Europe - Levant area
LIBERTY BRIDGE North Europe - US East Coast
Leewards Islands Leewards Islands
MADAGASCAR EXPORT Madagascar Exports to the world
MALDIVES IMPORT Connecting the world to Maldives
MANHATTAN BRIDGE Central & North China-US East Coast
MARMARA EXPRESS West Med - Greece - Turkey
MED CANADA Mediterranean - Canada
MEDCARIBE Northbound Caribbean to Med
MEDCARIBE Southbound Mediterranean to Caribbean
MEDEX Middle East Gulf and Subcontinent - West Mediterranean
MEDEX from North Europe to Middle East and Red Sea North Europe - Jordan and Qatar
MEGEM Middle East Gulf and East Mediterranean
MEX 1 Mediterranean Sea - Middle East Gulf - Asia
MEX 2 Med - Middle East Gulf - Asia
MIDAS Middle East - East and South Africa
MONA EXPRESS Dedicated service to/from Massawa and Berbera
MOROCCO SHUTTLE - Dakhla Service MOROCCO SHUTTLE - Dakhla Service
MOZAMBIQUE Connecting the world to Mozambique
NEFGUI North Continent to Leeward Islands, French Guiana, North Brazil
NEMO North Europe - Oceania
NIGERIA Connecting the world to Nigeria
NORTH EUROPE-US GULF VIA CARTAGENA Our solutions to connect North Europe with Houston and Veracruz
NORTH EUROPE-US GULF VIA POINTE-A-PITRE Our solutions to connect North Europe with Houston and Veracruz
NWX - Northwest Express Far East - North America
PANAMA DIRECT Europe - US West Coast - Oceania
PCRF Focus Caribbean PCRF Focus Caribbean
PCRF Focus France PCRF Focus France
PEX 2 Asia - Mexico and the Caribbean
PEX 3 Asia-Gulf of Mexico-Florida
PHOEX Phoenician Express - Asia - Adriatic Sea
PRX - Pearl Asia - North America West Coast
PSX Far East - North America
REUNION Indian Ocean hub
REX 1 Asia - North Red Sea
REX 2 Far East - North Red Sea (REX 2)
RUFEX (+ Intermodal solutions) Russia - Far East
SAFRAN ECSA - North Europe
SAINT LAURENT North Europe - Canada
SAX - South Atlantic Express Asia - US East Coast
SCS Far East - North America
SEAS 1 Asia - East Coast South America
SEAS 2 Asia - South America East Coast
SIRIUS ECSA - Mediterranean
SOUTH AFRICA Direct services to and from Southern Africa
SSL EUROPE Short Sea lines
SSL MED GLOBAL Short Sea Mediterranean Lines - Global
TPX (Twin Peaks Express) Asia-North America West Coast
TURAF EXPRESS Turkey - North Africa
TWS (Taiwan Strait) Asia-US East Coast
VESPUCCI Asia-US East Coast
VICTORY BRIDGE North Europe - US East Coast, US Gulf & Mexico

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